Car Magnets

Thick 30 pt. magnetic stock, Durable and UV-resistant, custom car magnets are an economical way of promoting any business. BUY MORE, $AVE MORE!
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Car magnets are an excellent choice for driving schools, vehicle rental, as well as other small retail or delivery-based businesses. The 30 pt. magnetic stock will ensure your signs stay on your vehicle under most conditions.

 Car Magnet Quick Facts

  • Use on metal, magnetic, and flat, smooth surfaces
  • Thoroughly clean surface before installing
  • Will not damage vehicle paint with proper use
  • Temporary and removable
  • Works with: cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, fleet vehicles, etc.
  • For maximum adhesion and longevity, remove and clean daily
  • Installation and care instructions must be followed closely


How to Install Your Magnet


step 1    

Place your magnet on a flat magnetic surface for 24 hours to restore magnetic memory.

After receiving your magnet from Printbanners4less, but before installing it, be sure to put the magnet on a flat magnetic surface such as a refrigerator for 24 hours. We ship all our magnets rolled up to prevent damage during shipment. Placing them on a magnetic surface will help flatten the magnet for installation while resetting the magnetic memory. Failing to place your magnet on such a surface will result in poor adherence to the vehicle surface during installation and subsequent use.

step 2    

Clean the vehicle surface and magnet before installing it.

We recommend cleaning the exterior of your vehicle and wiping down the back of your magnet with a damp cloth (a mild detergent and water mix will also work) prior to installing on the vehicle's surface. By cleaning both the vehicle and magnet and allowing them to air dry you'll prevent any dirt or tiny rocks from scratching the vehicle's paint and create a solid connection between the magnet and vehicle surface.

step 3    

Place the magnet on a flat magnetic vehicle surface (no curves, bumps, or molding)

Please note that the installation surface must be completely flat without any bumps, curves, or molding. The install surface must also be a magnet compatible metal otherwise the magnet will not work. To ensure that your install is correct make sure the magnet completely adheres to the surface and no air pockets are underneath the magnet and that all portions of the magnet are flat against the metal surface including the magnet edges and corners.

step 4    

Avoid damage to your magnet or vehicle by removing and cleaning both surfaces frequently

Remove your magnet on a frequent basis to quickly clean the application surface as well as the back of the magnet to increase longevity and the magnetic hold for day to day use of your custom vehicle magnet. The manufacturer recommendation is that daily removal and cleaning will maximize longevity. In our experience, regular cleaning is typically sufficient.

step 5    

Remove magnets during car washes or when not in use.

Remove your magnet before any mechanical car wash or use of a power washer, both of which can permanently damage your custom car magnet. Also, we recommend storing the magnet for any extended periods during which it will not be in use. Store them flat and out of direct sunlight.